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2023 COVID Vaccines are Available!


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Protect yourself and loved ones by learning the latest COVID-19 news.

The CDC's Daily Covid Data Tacker provides daily information on Covid-19 nationally and you can find COVID-19 information for Dona Ana County. 

Latest COVID-19 vaccine news. Staying up to date on vaccines and masking is the safest way to protect against severe outcomes from COVID-19.

You can learn about over-the-counter testing kits and how to use them to help keep others safe.

If you are exposed to someone who is positive for COVID, whether you are  fully vaccinated or unvaccinated, learn how you can avoid spreading COVID-19 to others. You can use this quarantine and Isolation calculator to help you.

Who We Are

Salud y Vida Con Amigos uses Health literacy to help people find, understand, appraise, and act on information to protect themselves and their community from COVID-19.  Salud y Vida con Amigos is funded by the Office of Minority Health/OASH/HHS and is a program of Doña Ana County.

Office of Minority Health

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